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Roshaan Homes Prime Valley Warburton.

We are inform you that Roshaan Homes are going to start a New project named as Roshaan Homes Prime Valley Warburton.

Dated 29 Dec, 2020 by Roshaan Homes

Contract cancellation

We are inform you that we will no longer require the services of Sales, as of 28.07.2020. With this notification, we comply with the minimum notice period required by our agreement. our company has provided you with good service in the past, however, we decided to terminate our business contract with sales team Mr Muhammad adnan But and his entire team.So they are no longer part of Roshaan Homes

Dated 28 July, 2020 by Roshaan Homes

Public Notification

All Rose Valley plot holders are informed that all Rose Valley rights have been purchased by Roshaan Homes Construction & Developers.So contact Roshaan Homes Construction & Developers immediately and identify your plot,otherwise The company will not be responsible for plot ownership.

Notice 2017 by Roshaan Homes

Announcement For Plot Owner's

Roshaan Homes Phase 2 (Rose Valley) Lahore Road Sargodha Many plot owners are informed That development work in Roshaan Homes Phase 2 Rose Valley is in full swing For which development charges have been imposed on all the plots The last date for submission is March 31, 2018. It is a common announcement that when purchasing plots in Rose Valley, get the NOC of the plot related to the office of Roshaan Homes Phase 2 (Rose Valley). Otherwise, the management of Roshaan Homes will not be responsible. .

Development Notice 2018 by Phase2

Phase2 Launching Cermony

Roshaan Homes Successfully launched phase2 (rose valley) lahore road sargodha.Attractive and healthy environment that gives you real life fun. Now make your home in a beautiful and comfortable #location in Roshaan Homes phase2 Lahore road Sargodha.Healthy Environment Gated community With all basic facilities.Your dream has come true with Roshaan Homes.Now you Can get Plots and luxurious homes iun prime location roshaan homes phase2 lahore road sargodha.

Roshaan Homes , 2017 by Phase2

Roshaan Homes Phase 2

Residential plots and House are available for sale in Roshaan Homes Phase 2 Lahore Road-Sargodha.For 10 great successful year Roshaan Homes has been building pas and comparable Homes in Bahria Town, DHA, EME, surrounded locations of Lahore Pakistan.Roshaan Homes mission is to offer High Quality projects seriously following International standards within given period. Our mission is to provide Active, Value able services to the customers without compromising on Quality.There is a great opportunity for all to build a house in the city of eagles(Sargodha) and also living in a secure society where you can feel real life

Roshaan Homes 2020 ..

Phase1 working Comparisons?

Roshaan Homes would like to build the homes that meet desires and total satisfaction Roshaan Homes are not known as success only but its also known as your trustworthy satisfaction.Roshaan Homes has earned the reputation of being an honest, Competitive and creative professional in its past contracts.Roshaan Homes would be interested to know you and your family is safe or not.Roshaan homes build not only homes but create a feeling...a complete , luxurious safe and upto the mark society which provides a lifestyle that someone dreamed about.

Work Done 17 July, 2019 by Roshaan Homes

Roshaan Homes Phase2 Over View

In this Video You can see the short and drone View of Roshaan Homes Phase2 Lahore road Sargodha.

dated 10 December, 2019 by Roshaan Homes Management

Why Roshaan Homes

If you are considering buying a new safe for your Luxury Homes and residential Plots, Roshaan Homes Phase1 and Phase2 provides which Everyone dreams of owning a beautifully updated home with all the creature comforts a person could ask for and more.Whether you”Ēre buying an upscale home or doing an update based on the latest luxury home trends, below are six things people will expect to find when they visit.
1-Home Security System , 2-Smart Home Features , 3-Quality Bathrooms , 4-Chef”Ēs Kitchen , 5-Architectural Extras , 6-Outdoor Living Space

Dated 15 July, 2017 Roshaan Homes

Roshaan Center Lahore

For 10 great successful year Roshaan Homes has been building pas and comparable Homes in Bahria Town, DHA, EME, surrounded locations of Lahore Pakistan

Roshaan Center lahore ..

Road Construction

Roshaan Homes has fulfilled another promise as before,Road Construction has started in Roshaan Homes Phase2 ,Lahore road sargodha.
We provide Carpeted Roads for Our resideinats.Functional road types are local streets, which serve only adjacent properties and do not carry through traffic; collector, distributor, and feeder roads, which carry only through traffic from their own area.
Road construction - as is the case with all aspects of the construction industry - is being changed by the development of new technology.
Focussing on road maintenance will bring widespread benefits by not only preserving current assets, but also lowering future costs for citizens, road users.

Dated 02 Dec, 2020 by Phase2